New music campaign

Hi folks! Doug here with an announcement about a project that I need your help with accomplishing.
I have some new music that I'd like to get recorded so I can share it with you! 
Rather than record at home, as is my usual method, my plan is to partner with well-known producer, 
Scott Smith at his regional studio, The Wood and Stone Room, along with Scott's stable of session musicians as support to provide a big bump up to the sound of these recordings. 
I'll start by releasing a single of my newest song “Walkin' In The Dark”, and will continue to record and release as other pieces are ready - up to six songs or so - eventually ending up with an EP collection. 
Here's where you come in! 
This project will take considerably more financial investment than my typical releases and will go well beyond what I'm capable of funding on my own. 
The first single release will run in the neighborhood of $800 and the entire EP will take about $5000 to complete. 
I'm asking that you, fans of my music, help by contributing what you can to get these songs out into the world. 
Once the goal of raising enough money to record the first song is met, the single's release should happen relatively quickly, with the remainder of the collection being completed as more donations are accrued. 
While there is no minimum donation (any amount is gratefully accepted) there will be rewards for all who donate at these set amounts:

* Escort Level ($10.00 or more) - a digital download of the initial single “Walkin' In The Dark”, prior to its' release to the general public.
* Chaperone Level ($50.00 or more) - digital downloads of ALL songs, prior to their general release to the public.
* Friend Level ($100 or more) - a digital download of all songs and a physical CD prior to their release to the general public, along with your name printed on the CD jacket as a contributor. Plus digital versions of my entire back catalog.
* Family Level ($500.00 or more) a digital download of all songs and a physical CD prior to their release to the general public, with your name on the jacket as a contributor, digital versions of my entire back catalog, plus a free live concert at your house or place of your choosing (limit within approximately 50 miles of Hagerstown, MD).

Any questions, please contact me at dougalanwilcox @
Links are provided below to manage your online contributions securely. If you wish to mail a check, email me at the address above and I'll provide a snail mail address. 
Thank you so much for your support!

Here's a rough demo version of the intended first single - “Walkin' In The Dark”. 
Please donate to help bring this tune to full recorded glory.